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Byron E. Siegel P.C. has been in existence for decades specializing in the medical/legal field of law including medical malpractice of all phases and side effects of prescription drugs as well as personal injury cases including dram shop/liquor liability litigation, premises liability, automobile negligence including more sophisticated closed head and other catastrophic injuries, together with other areas of medical/legal pursuits involving multi-district litigation in numerous areas of product liability law including substantial experience with DES, Dalkon Shield, breast implant, Norplant, and other similar products liability actions.

Byron E. Siegel, who is fluent in the Spanish language, has been involved in the medical/legal practice in three states with experience in two medical school settings including two years of medical school whereby he received a Masters in Law in Medical Law, the first advanced law degree of its kind in the country.

The firm has established headlines in major legal journals and local newspapers involving multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements including one of the largest medical malpractice a verdict of $19.7 Million against Hutzel Hospital on a birth trauma/cerebral palsy matter. Byron E. Siegel, P.C. has for many decades serviced clients from all areas of Michigan as well as California and Arizona, as he is a licensed trial attorney in the States of Arizona, California, and Michigan.